Thai-German Dual Education and e-Learning Development Institute

The Thai-German Dual Education and e-Learning Development Institute (TGDE) undertaking incurred from the signing of MOU and Bangkok protocol, the cooperative relationship agreements in 2012 as to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Thai-German diplomacy and 53years of academic collaboration between KMUTNB and Germany. The relationship agreements seek to encourage German prevailing instructional approaches of Dual Education and Cooperative Education -- in favor of national productivity and potential growth in academic, social and economic features. The services offered highlight the implementation of information technology to the enhancement of e-learning, training activities and dissemination and transfer of appropriate technologies among students, technologists, higher education administration and personnel in Thailand and ASEAN countries.


  • To promote the teaching and learning involving dual education and cooperative education; to enhance KMUTNB electronic media development through reciprocal collaboration between Thai-German industries.
  • To encourage cooperative training and knowledge transfer to ASEAN’s education-related personnel. In so doing, quality standards of instructors, technologists, and practical engineers are expected to improve, meeting the demands of education institutions and establishments of the ASEAN community, as well as the requirements for personnel workforce in academic and industrial business realms.
  • To consolidate cooperation in electronic media development; utilizing the media as a tool to promote learning and instruction for students, teachers, craft technicians, technologists, engineers and professional administrators in such a way that they can keep pace with technological changes in the era of globalization.
  • To promote academic and information technology consultation services in favor of industrial business and education. The services are intended for optimal benefits and productivity of a wide variety of organizations.